Information for Contributors

Ukrainian Antarctic Journal (UAJ) published the main results and observations of fundamental or applied research in the field of meteorology, physics and chemistry atmosphere,oceanology, marine geology, geophysics, glaciology, marine biology, Antarctic medicine and humanphysiology as well as other actual issues related to Antarctic research.

1. General requirements
Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts not published elsewhere. Every author is entitled to publish in one issue of the UAJ not more than two articles (where one in co-authorship). Hardcopy manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate; one copy should be signed by the author. All submissions should be in English. The articles should be limited to 16 pages, including references, tables, figures, and abstract. Research notes should be restricted to 2 pages. Contents and volume of review-style articles are required to be approved by the Editorial Board.

2. Submission Requirements and Manuscript Structure
An accepted manuscript should be sent electronically in MS Word; border: upper – 20 mm, lower – 60 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 35 mm. Type of text – Times New Roman, typesize – 10, line-toline spacing, indent – 1 cm.

2.1. Use the following format of the title page:


A. Author1

1Affiliation. The corresponding author should be designated, with complete mailing address, as well as telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.

Abstract. The length of the abstract should be a single unified paragraph restricted to 0,5 page. The abstract should comprise description of used methods and materials as well as the main results and implications.

Key words: list of up to six key words pertinent to the central theme.

2.2. The manuscript should be composed of numbered parts and started with

Captions should be reasonably brief, but must adequately and clearly explain the figure contents. Subsection number should be like 2.1., 2.2., 3.1. etc.; appendixes – A, B, C etc.

3. References
In the text references are cited using the author/date style as follows: (Ivanov, 1999) or (Smith at al., 2001, 2002). The reference list placed at the end of the text, must be in alphabetical order of authors. A referenced article should contain all authors' names, year of publication, title of the article, name of the publication, volume, and page numbers. A reference book should list author name(s), year of publication, title of the book, place of publication and publisher.