Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

The Ukrainian Antarctic Journal (UAJ) is a scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed materials.


The Editorial Team works unceasingly towards presenting an ever-higher quality of publications through rigorous selection and processing of manuscripts. 


The UAJ aim is to promote the dissemination and exchange of scientific knowledge, research results, theories, or views on the polar and high-mountain regions of the planet.


The UAJ covers the following research areas: geology, geodesy, geophysics, geotectonics, petrology, mineralogy, oceanology, meteorology, climatology, glaciology, hydrobiology, soil science, ecology, mycology, microbiology, ornithology, parasitology, physiology, molecular biology, genetics and others related to the study of the polar and high-mountain regions of the planet.

The UAJ accepts for publication scientific papers, short notes, and reviews.

Periodicity: twice a year.

Language: English, Ukrainian

ISSN 2415-3087 (Online),

ISSN 1727-7485 (Print)