Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

Copyright and Licensing

For the Authors and users of the website of the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal (hereinafter – the Journal).  

The materials (hereinafter – the Manuscript) of the Journal (the Journal as a whole) stored at this website in the digital form are used according to the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY-NC-ND.

The digital copies of the Journal are stored in the Archive for anybody to download, copy, disseminate, print out, cite or otherwise use for any other lawful non-commercial purpose with obligatory citation of their authorship.

Using the Manuscript commercially or changing it and producing derivative Manuscript are prohibited.

Along with the Manuscript, there should be submitted the Author’s agreement which comes into force from the date of the decision to submit the Manuscript for publication. The agreement is sent via e-mail or online via the Journal’s webpage.

If there are several Authors, the agreement is concluded with all Authors.

Download the Author’s agreement.

According to the Author’s agreement, the Author has the right:

- to make copies, including electronic ones, for personal use or for transferring to the Author’s colleagues for personal or professional use, for carrying out scientific research, for educational purposes or for informational purposes of the Author’s employer (provided that these copies are not used for sale or systemic distribution);

- to use the published Manuscript in whole or in part for reviews, dissertations, books, lectures of the Author (bibliographic reference to the work or part of the work published in the Journal and a hyperlink to its electronic copy posted on the Journal website are mandatory);

- to use the original illustrations used in the Manuscript (figures, tables, etc.) in further publications, lectures, public speeches, and for educational purposes.

The Author or another lawful owner keeps the copyright to the patent for an invention, useful model or industrial sample, the rights to the trademarks and any processes, substances and materials described in the Manuscript .

The Publisher (State Institution National Antarctic Scientific Center), according to the Author’s agreement, acquires the right to:

-        publish the Manuscript in the Journal in the original language or translated into the language of publication;

-        distribute the Manuscript as an integral part of the Journal (in electronic and printed form) in the territory of Ukraine and other countries by subscription, sale, free transmission of the Journal;

-        reproduce the Manuscript or its part in any way and in any form, including on paper and electronic media in the Journal and / or databases of the Publisher and / or other persons, at the discretion of the Publisher;

-        translate the Manuscript, if it is presented in a language other than the language of publication;

-        distribute the Manuscript or its part in the Journal and / or databases of the Publisher or other persons, at the Publisher's discretion, or in the form of an independent work throughout the world;

-        post the Manuscript or its part in the Internet, publish it in other editions, including foreign, include the Manuscript or its parts in collections, databases, anthologies, encyclopedias, etc.;

-        transfer the rights acquired under this Agreement to third parties (granting permission to use the Manuscript or its individual parts);

-        modify the form of representation of the Manuscript for its use in interaction with computer programs and systems for the purpose of reproduction, publication and distribution in machine-readable format and introduction into search systems (databases);

-        use the Manuscript's data through distribution, bringing to the public, processing and systematization;

All copies of the Manuscript, whether printed or digital, should contain information about the publisher’s copyright and a full bibliographic citation of the Manuscript.