Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

Peer-review Process

To maintain the appropriate level of scientific rigor, the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal (hereinafter - the Journal) has a double blind peer review system of manuscripts and high demands to the quality of presented research. This entails independent relevant experts reviewing the submitted manuscripts, with anonimity of both reviewers and authors preserved.

Review process

The manuscript submitted by the Author is considered by the Editorial office of the Journal for compliance with the requirements presented in the Authors Guidelines and the absence of plagiarism.

If the manuscript is drafted according to the rules it is evaluated by the Executive Editor for meeting all scientific criteria, journal scope etc. and assigned Reviewers.

The manuscript is sent to two experts for independent anonymous review who carry out their duties in a timely and unbiased manner, are not financially interested and do not present the interests of a competing institution or organisation. Reviewers are specialists in the field and have in the last three years published articles in editions indexed by Scopus, Web of Science and the Register of Scientific Professional Journals of Ukraine.

If there one review is positive and the other is negative, the Executive Editor assigns an additional Reviewer, whose review informs the Editor’s final decision.

If the manuscript is rejected the Author is notified by e-mail. The Editorial Board retains the right of not discussing its decision with the authors.

During the reviewing process the Reviewer is recommended to use the Form developed by the Editorial Board which specifies the main requirements to the manuscript, including

- whether the research topic is of interest today;

- whether the data are novel and trustworthy;

- whether the research methods and statistical treatment are correct;

- whether the relevant literature is taken into account thoroughly and fully;

- whether the conclusions are accurate and well-founded.

Please send the finished review to the Editorial Board by e-mail or using the Journal website.