Ukrainian Antarctic journal

Content. Ukrainian Antarctic Journal Vol.1, Is.1


Dear site visitors, we are glad to announce that the Ukrainian Antarctic Journal Volume 1 Issue 1, 2022 has been created. The Editorial office is sincerely grateful to all defenders of Ukraine for making this possible. 

See the list of the papers included in the journal Issue 1, 2022:

 Geological and Geophysical Research

V. Maksymchuk, I. Chobotok, R. Kuderavets, Ye. Nakalov, N. Pyrizhok, O. Pavlyuk, L. Yanush

Findings of long-term tectonomagnetic research at the West Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula near the Akademik Vernadsky station

Geospace Research

M. Reznychenko, O. Bogomaz, D. Kotov, T. Zhivolup, O. Koloskov, V. Lisachenko

Observation of the ionosphere by ionosondes in the Southern and Northern hemispheres during geospace events in October 2021

A. Grytsai, G. Milinevsky, Yu. Andrienko, A. Klekociuk, Yu. Rapoport, O. Ivaniha

Antarctic planetary wave spectrum under different polar vortex conditions in 2019 and 2020 based on total ozone column data

 Hydro-Meteorological and Oceanographic Research

V. Komorin, Yu. Dikhanov, V. Bolshakov, Yu. Popov, L. Matsokin

Variability of oceanographic structures in the Southern Ocean by the FerryBox data

D. Pishniak, S. Razumnyi

Measured and modeled vertical structure of precipitation during mixed-phase event near the West Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula

 Biological Research

J. Wiktor, M. Głuchowska, K. Błachowiak-Samołyk, K. Piwosz, S. Kwaśniewski, K. Jankowska, K. Dmoch, J. M. Węsławski

Arctic fjord during warming: Planktonic point of view

T. Kuzmina, Yu. Kuzmin, O. Salganskij, O. Lisitsyna, E. Korol

Analysis of the helminth community of Notothenia coriiceps (Actinopterygii: Nototheniidae) collected near Galindez Island, West Antarctica, in 2014–2015 and 2020–2021

V. Tkachenko

Taxocene of pelagic copepods in coastal waters of the Argentine Islands, West coast of the Antarctic Peninsula in 2021–2022

O. Savenko, A. Friedlaender

New sightings of the Southern right whales in West Antarctic Peninsula waters

M. Nabokin

Freshwater zooplankton biodiversity in small rock pools of Maritime Antarctica