Ukrainian Antarctic journal

No 12 (2013): Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

The hydrological investigations on water areas of the Argentina islands archipelago: problems and prospects

Yu. V. Artamonov
Marine Hydrophysical Institute of NAS of Ukraine, Sevastopol
Published December 15, 2013
  • Argentina islands archipelago,
  • hydrological measurement’s data,
  • vertical water structure,
  • sea level,
  • diurnal and half-day tides,
  • СTD-sounding,
  • meteorological measurements
  • ...More


In work the spatial distribution of hydrological measurement’s data carried out on water area of Argentina islands archipelago in 2001-2013 is analyzed. The procedure of carrying out of measurements is discussed and the basic difficulties arising by production of hydrological works are marked. Paths of optimization of the experimental researches, answering to the modern problems of the oceanographic direction within the framework of the State Program of Ukraine researches in Antarctica are offered.