Ukrainian Antarctic journal

No 10-11 (2012): Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

Results of geochemical research of the manifestations of ore mineralisation in the batholith rocks of the Antarctic Peninsula

G. V. Artemenko
M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
V. G. Bakhmutov
Institute of Geophysics by S. I. Subbotin name of the NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
L. M. Bakhmutova
National Antarctic Scientific Center of the State Department for Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine, Kyiv
Published December 31, 2012
  • gabbro,
  • ore mineralization,
  • quartz veins,
  • epigenetic,
  • dikes,
  • faults
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In the gabbro intrusions of AP batholith rocks the manifestations of ore mineralization of magnetite, ilmenite and sulphides in connection with intramagmatic dikes and more late gabbro-pegmatites were defined. The elevated concentrations of V, Co, Cu were estimated. А significantly higher content of Cu, U, Th, Sc and REE is observed in gabbros of intramagmatic postintrusion dikes. The Co content in pyrite reaches 3,5 %. The ore mineralization of pyrite, chalcopyrite and magnetite in the granite intrusions is associated with quartz veins of post-tectonic hydrothermal stage and with epigenetic processes in the tectonic faults. The impurities of Ag and As in sulfides from this zones were detected.