Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

No 3 (2005): Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

On Peculiarities of Wind Conditions in Antarctic Peninsula region

N. I. Shven
Central geophysical observatory, Kyiv
S. V. Klock
National Antarctic Scientific Center, Kyiv
Published December 15, 2005
  • wind speed,
  • sea water temperature,
  • global circulating process
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Shven, N. I., & Klock, S. V. (2005). On Peculiarities of Wind Conditions in Antarctic Peninsula region. Ukrainian Antarctic Journal, (3), 93-98.


Long-term changes of wind and thermal regime in area of Antarctic Peninsula are considered. Dependence of annual mean wind speed increase for last decades at the Vernadsky station on reduction of the atmospheric pressure caused by the southward displacement of cyclones is discussed. Infrequent cases of breeze circulation at  the Vernadsky Station are found out at presence of corresponding contrast of temperatures between surface of ocean and land.


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