Ukrainian Antarctic journal

No 9 (2010): Ukrainian Antarctic Journal

Scientific activity of Ukraine in Antarctica in the next decade

P. F. Gozhyk
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
V. Litvinov
National Antarctic Scientific Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
V. M. Malanchuk
National Antarctic Scientific Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
Published April 22, 2011


In November, 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution # 1002 "On the Confirmation of the State Target Scientific Technical Program for Research in the Antarctic in 2011-2020". The Resolution not only opens new ways for our scientists for both research and further consolidation as a leading team exploring the continent, but also ties in with Ukraine's international obligations as part to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. Here we review the program's main avenues of research and their possible implementations.